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we design and make unique pipe organs, each custom-designed musically, technically and architecturally for its particular location, acoustics and musical requirements.We are Ireland’s leading designers and makers of hand-crafted pipe organs and restorers of older instruments. All our organs are made or restored by our highly skilled and experienced team in our spacious modern facilities in Kilcoole, Co Wicklow. As an Irish company, we have an Opus list of over 180 organs, and our work is found in cathedrals, churches, schools, universities and concert halls in Ireland and across the globe - 

                       Kenneth Jones organ maintenance services Organs Ltd  No.558416 ; Unit 7, Woodstock Business Park , Kilcoole, Co Wicklow , Ireland. 


                                              Tel:   +353  (01) 2018665    Fax:    +353  (01) 2811966  :  Email:

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